What do I need?

To race you will need

  • A boat : bring a surfski, specski, OC1 or Sup that is adapted to your ability as a paddler
    Sit in sea kayaks are prohibited.
    All the crafts shall be boats which the competitor sits on with one water tight compartment, and Selfbailing. There are no length or weight limitations for surfski construction.
    Bring your own surfski or rent one from one of our trusted partners:
    • Carbonology sport: Contact Glen Potgieter
    • Others T.B.D.
  • A paddle: all participants have to bring their own paddle
  • A life jacket or PFD: All competitors shall wear a flotation device for their body weight approved by the race committee from before the start until after the finish of every event.
  • a leash : (approved by the organisers) connecting the competitor to their craft. Must be worn (attached) from start until the final turning point before the finish. There will be leashes for sale at the race briefing, but only a limited amount.
  • Pyrotechnic devices such as hand or aerial flares. If you don’t have one, there will be flares available to buy at the race briefing
  • communication device such as a (charged) cell phone or vhf radio.
    It’s strongly advised to install the safe TRX app on your phone and use it during the race
    an emergency number of the race committee will be given during the briefing. It is advised to put that as a contact in your phone
    waterproof puoches for cellphones will be available for sale at the race briefing
  • Clothing: adapted to the conditions on race day

Ocean Racing may involve participants in dangerous situations. It is a requirement that any competitor, seeing another in real danger shall render all assistance in his or her power. Failure to do so may involve disqualification. Time bonuses based on actual delays can be awarded to any competitor providing assistance to a fellow participant.

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