Belgian Coast Race Rules

Time Schedule

The Belgian Coast race shall be held in one day.

Preliminary start list available here

Start sequence

  • All SUP/OC1 and para athletes start together (all age groups)
  • 20 mins later all female SS-1 paddlers will start (all age groups)
  • 10 mins after the female start, all male SS-1 will start (all age groups)


  • SUP Male
  • SUP Female
  • OC male
  • OC female
  • Para Male
  • Para Female
  • SS-1 male (jun/u23/senior/Master 35-45 (in the year of his 35th birthday)/master 45-55/ master 55+
  • SS- 1 female (same categories as SS-1 male)
  • For SS1 male and female there will be an Overall Class With money prizes for the first 3
  • Every class in SS1 must have at least 3 participants to be able to exist
  • When the amount of U23 athletes < 3 , they will participate as senior
  • When one of the masters classes between 35 and 55y are < 3 participants, class 35-45 and 45-55 can be joined
  • If only 55+ has < 3 participants, it will be joined with 45-55

For Belgian championships

  • The first Belgian finisher (Female/male) will be Belgian champion , even with < 3 participants
  • The first Junior and master get honorary Belgian titles
  • The first in a sub category with 3 participants (or more) gets an honorary Belgian title

A competitor is always allowed to take part individually at the Belgian Coast Race. To participate in the Belgian championships, a license of the KBKV/VKKF is required

Registration Fee

The registration fee has to be paid Within 7 days after the inscription. If not paid, the inscription will be scratched and removed off the list.

Only 50 start spots are available in 2019

6 start spots will be reserved for Belgian licenced SUP / OC 1 and Para until 1 month before the race.

When not filled in, these spots can go to the first 6 paddlers on the waiting list.


All the SS – 1 crafts shall be boats which the competitor sits on with one water tight compartment, and Selfbailing. There are no length or weight limitations for surfski/specski construction.

No SS2 or sit-in seakayaks are allowed in the SS- 1 class


All competitors shall wear

  • a flotation device approved by the race committee from before the start until after the finish of the event.
  • a leash (approved by the organisers) attaching the competitor or paddle to their craft.
  • pyrotechnic devices such as hand or aerial flares.
  • communication device such as a cell phone or vhf radio.

Ocean Racing may involve participants in dangerous situations. It is a requirement that any competitor, seeing another in real danger shall render all assistance in his or her power. Failure to do so may involve disqualification. Time bonuses based on actual delays can be awarded to any competitor providing assistance to a fellow participant.


The language used shall be English and Dutch (other translations can be asked).


The courses for the Belgian Coast Race will be selected to test the seamanship and ability of the competitors to use the water conditions to their advantage. The course may be changed at short notice to suit the best downwind conditions on the day of the race.


One person may function in two or more of the below positions.

  • Race Director
  • Technical Director
  • Competition Secretary
  • Starter(s)
  • Aligner
  • Course Umpire
  • Finishing Line Judge(s)
  • Timekeeper(s)
  • Boat Scrutineer
  • Embarcation Marshall
  • Safety Officer
  • Announcer
  • Press Official
  • Jury


Final authority at the Belgian Coast Race shall rest with a Jury composed of up to five persons appointed by the Competition Committee. One of these persons shall be appointed Chair of the Jury. The Competition Committee may disqualify any competitor who behaves improperly or who by his or her conduct or speech shows contempt towards the officials, other competitors or onlookers.


Competitors have the right to appeal to the Jury against a decision of the Competition Committee. The appeal, in writing and with reasons, must not be later than 20 minutes after the race. An appeal must be accompanied by a fee of (or equivalent to) 20 Euros. The fee will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. The appeal shall be heard as soon as possible. Witnesses may be called. The decision of the Jury is final.


The start line shall be clearly marked, with the marks described to the competitors in the race instructions.

After shouting the word “ Ready” . The start signal audible to all racers, may be a blast of a whistle or horn, a shot from a start gun or a shouted word “go”. The start signal shall be described in the race instructions.

The start will be as fair as possible, allowing all competitors an equal chance. The type of start will be selected according to prevailing conditions. Paddlers shall be called to the water at least ten minutes before the scheduled start. If a competitor moves forward after the word “Ready” and before the start signal, he or she has made a false start. A competitor who attempts a false or unfair start will be warned. A second warning will result in the imposition of a two minute penalty. A third warning will result in the competitor’s disqualification from the event. A disqualified competitor must leave the water and start line immediately.

Group Racing and Slipstreaming

When competitors are racing in a group, it is the duty of all the competitors in the group to keep clear of each other at all times. This rule applies to any manoeuvring within the group and while slipstreaming. Inadvertent contact between craft should be avoided. Damage Any competitor who is considered by a course umpire or race official to have been responsible for a deliberate collision, or who deliberately damages the craft or paddle of another competitor may be disqualified.


Any Competitor who attempts to win a race by any other than honourable means, or who breaks the racing regulations, or who disregards the honourable nature of the racing regulations will be disqualified for the duration of the race concerned.


A competitor may not be accompanied along the course or assisted in any way by other craft not entered in the event or by any vessel


The Belgian Coast Race medals shall be given in three values, first, second and third. The medals will be given in every existing class during the race (see ‘classes’ above)

Belgian Championships

The Belgian Coast Race will be the official Belgian Championships Surfski. To compete in the Belgian Championships, an athlete needs to have a “Wedstrijd licentie” of the “ KBKV”. There will be titles for the first man and first woman, and honorary titles for the first master and junior. Honorary titles will also be rewarded to the first one in every category with 3 or more participants.


We will follow the rules of the Belgian Doping Authority, doping checks during the races are always possible.


A competitor accepts the risks as a participant of the training for and participating in the Belgian Coast Race, disability and mortality in the worst case otherwise I will not participate in the Belgian Coast Race , the workouts in advance and / or other related activities. Finally, by competing I will not accuse the organizing committee, the volunteers , employees , directors , sponsors , municipal , county and / or any legal entities and / or individuals associated with the Belgian Coast Race for any damage and / or loss in one of these activities .

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