1st Edition Belgian Coast Race

Welcome to the website of the first edition of the coast race , the 5th of october 2019

The coast race has her home base in Ostend, a beautiful town in the midst of our 67 km stretch of coast.

Ostend is easy to reach by public transport (train) or car (highway E40, exit 4)

The 2019 race will be an open race for all nationalities, but will also serve as the Belgian national championships (for participants to the Belgian champs a canoe federation licence is required)

3 types of vessels can participate in this long distance race : SUP, Surfski and OC1




A surfski is a long, narrow, lightweight sit-on-top kayak used mostly for open water racing. The paddle is double bladed. Most races are downwind which means you have the wind and waves from behind so you can surf the waves while paddling. This makes a surfski by far the fastest kayak at sea.

The sport is big in Australia and South Africa, were the life savers use the “Specski” to save people. After a while people were doing longer distances with the “Specski” and that is
when the Surfski was invented. In Europe the sport is slowly growing. In 2014 the first European Championships were held in Portugal.

Both specski’s and surfski’s are welcome to participate.

An OC1 is acanoe with outrigger canoe. These boats are similar looking in shape to the surfski’s but have an extra outrigger attached to it for stability. They are propelled by a single bladed paddle.

A Sup is a stand up paddle board, where a single bladed long paddle is used to propel the board.  Ocean sup boards are longer and a bit more stable

About The Race

The race will take place on the 5th of October 2019

Preliminary program.

9:00-10:00 pick up start bags at the surfing elephant beachclub. Manitobahelling in Wenduine + loading boats on cars & trailers
(we try to get as many trailers as possible, but if you can co-drive with other paddlers, that is advised)

10:00 race and safety briefing

11:00 departure to start location to be decided, depends on wind

Race can start from 12-14 hrs, depending on the best available wind conditions
(everybody passes boat control: boat, leash, number, communication device and flair will be checked before the start) race bibs will be given when you pass boat control!

Start sequence is first ladies oC and sup, 15 mins later the men ( 2 start lines)

17:00 prize giving + meal at finish location (Westende / Wenduine)


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